Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Going Nowhere

We are going nowhere around here unless it is by sled.  We had several of inches of snow followed by sleet so our driveway and street are ice.  No school for the past couple of days and I cannot imagine when we will be able to get back on the roads.  It isn't supposed to warm up until the end of the week.

I sent K out with some bread crumbs for the birds but our cat ate the bread crumbs.

A view of our driveway and street


Jennifer said...

Schools have been closed here all week adn they will be tomorrow too. And then they were closed already on Thursday thru Monday for the holiday so kids are getting getting an early spring break :)

Hope the girls are having fun in the snow.

Eloise said...

Quite a contrast between your last two posts - LOL!

I remember well those ice storms in Atlanta. They are unbelievably debilitating to getting around in. I hope you've at least maintained power!

Stay warm.