Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spectacular Spring

Our hydrangeas are spectacular this spring.  

Our pool area is not looking so great.  As could be expected our pool renovation has taken twice as long as anticipated and has cost twice as much as planned.  I got more bad news from our landscaper this week who told me it is now too late to plant sod.  I am faced with looking at dirt and having mud tracked in all summer or going with artificial grass.  Some neighbors just got artificial grass around their pool and it is amazing.  Unfortunately artificial grass is really not in the budget.  It is crazy expensive.  But I may have to bite the bullet-I just don't think I can live with dirt all summer.  Also artificial grass does get hot. They have it at K's school and since yesterday was a very hot day so kicked off my flip flops off and tried walking on the artificial grass.  My feet were on fire and I was hopping up and down and did a great job of embarrassing K.  Any opinions on artificial grass?

The quick pictures that I took with my iPhone are not great but I am amazed that this bush has 3 different colors of blooms. 

This is how I want our pool area to look when the work is complete.  Am I dreaming?


Lori said...

Yes, those are spectacular!!! They look perfectly lovely with the ivy and against the brick! Enjoy!!

linda said...

How about pea gravel for now, and you can have it moved once you plant sod? Plants look amazing!