Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When Things Go Wrong on Vacation

When we picked up our car in Milan the guy at the counter raised an eyebrow and gave me skeptical look because I had reserved a car with manual transmission.  I assured him it was fine and he rewarded me with an upgrade and a brand new Mercedes.  All was well until we arrived in Lyon and were at stoplight and the car completely died.  People were honking and screaming at me and I was quickly becoming unraveled.  As luck we would have it we were only a couple of blocks from our hotel (you can see it in the background in the photo) and I called our sweet concierge who came to my rescue.  He called Avis and they contacted a tow truck for me.  The concierge helped push the car out of the center lane.  The tow truck arrived and tried to jump the car-I think the white gloves are a nice touch.  The car was still completely dead.  So dead that I didn't know how we would get the back open to get our suitcases out. The tow truck then got out a pair of pliers, turned something and the car started.  

The next day we had planned to rent bikes and go to the zoo in the Tete d'Or park.  The girls accompanied me all morning on an art buying expedition.  Unfortunately, the park was closed because of high winds.  We had french fries and ice cream instead.

Overall we were blessed with wonderful weather and lots of good times.

Tete d'Or park-fermee

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