Saturday, January 4, 2014

Intervention Please

Please schedule an intervention if you ever hear me mention going some where cold for Christmas!

Our trip to Sun Valley started out well. Flights on time.  Easy drive from Salt Lake City to Sun Valley.  Holy cow-the speed limit in Utah is 80 MPH.  Makes me want to move.  Sort of.

The Brady Bunch!

Our neighbors were on our flight-K is not looking too happy.
Not a ton of snow but enough man made for skiing.

Sleigh ride to a cabin for dinner.  Very cute place and dinner was good.  It is all a blur-I was starting to get sick.  Ride back after dinner was not so much fun!

These carolers showed up at every place we had dinner.  This cabin was in the middle of nowhere and there were the carolers.  It started to get creepy after a while.

Adams's first and last ski lesson.  He threw up right after the lesson.  I was too sick to get any pictures of the girls skiing.

I do love this picture of the sun coming up over the mountain.  Taken from inside.

Olivia got sick so she spent her vacation watching Dance Moms.

K spent a lot of the trip drawing.

I finally made it out of the hotel to Christmas dinner.  Do you like my hat?

Adam is looking a little wary of this Santa.  He also kept showing up every place.

If you look really hard one morning right after I woke up and opened our drapes I pictured Santa headed out to pack his sleigh.

Our room had a view so I watched one minute of the Nut Cracker on ice-had to head back to bed because I couldn't stand up. 

I brought a tree and lights so K could have a normal Christmas morning. 

K and her cousin at Christmas dinner. 

My cousin and aunt. 

We discovered the best lobby on the second floor of our hotel.  It had fireplaces on both ends and a view of the ice rink and mountains.  That's Buddy my cousin's "service"dog.  The lobby had a piano and lots of sofas.  We ended up spending most of our trip in this lobby.  I think we all looked so scary other guest chose to hang out in the first floor lobby.

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linda said...

oh dear! So sorry you were sick! K's growing up to be a beauty!
-Linda, NY