Sunday, June 1, 2014

Spring Catch Up

We are enjoying having Ayano. She and K love to cook. Rice balls are their speciality!

Easter Eggs
The bunny came
K works out with my trainer now on Saturday mornings.  They kick box and I do some weights (or watch them)

Decided it was time to say good bye to our trampoline

More during
After-our little raised vegetable garden
K getting a Japanese lesson

Trip to Magic Kingdom-don't think K was feeling the princess love!
VIP Disney.  Only way to go, especially on a 99 degree day the day before Memorial Day.  Loved our sweet guide Monica and her trainee.
Perennial garden looking good this year.
Pool project finished but in need of landscaping!

One.  More.  Week.  Of.  School!


linda said...

Awww- love these updates- she's getting so grownup! My ( only) daughter is freshman in college- being little went by too fast! You are a good mama!
-Linda, NY

Lori said...

Wow, haven't read blogs in over a year ~ so glad to see you're still blogging!! K is so tall!:) Your home is the raised garden!