Sunday, August 3, 2014

Drottningholm Palace

One of our favorite things that we did in Stockholm was take a boat rip to Drottningholm Palace.  The palace was built in 1662 and is the official home of the Swedish royal family.

This vintage boat that took us to the palace.  

We cruised through the Stockholm Archipelago to get to the palace.  Island after island and sparkling blue water.

Our little boat

 The Chinese Pavilion.  A blend of rococo and Chinese elements.  It was absolutely beautiful.  It was built in 1796 as a gift for the 30 year old queen to use as her summer palace.   The inside was beautiful but no pictures were allowed. 

The confiance dining room.  There is a kitchen in the basement.  This dining room was separate from the rest of the house so that conversations could not be overheard.

The guard house for the Chinese Pavilion. 

Back in Stockholm we got lost and stumbled across this beautiful building.

Loved this dog waiting area in the grocery store.  Americans need to loosen up! 

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