Thursday, July 31, 2014


We are totally smitten with Stockholm.  It is such a beautiful city-it is built on eight islands.  In the summer everyone is out on the water or biking or in the evening out eating and drinking at the many sidewalk cafes.  There is so much to do-great museums and fabulous food.

The view from our hotel room-sometime in the middle of night.

Beautiful restaurant in our hotel.  Breakfast was so good-fresh squeezed juice, homemade very grainy breads, delicious fresh butter.  Yum!!!

The Skansen museum.  So cute.  A combination zoo and old time Swedish culture. 

The Vasa museum.  The Vasa sunk immediately after departing on its native voyage 300 years ago.  Thirty years ago it was discovered at the bottom of the port and raised.    The detail work on the boat is fascinating and beautiful.

Courtyard of our hotel that we overlooked during breakfast.

Terrace cafe at our hotel where we had lunch and dinner.

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