Sunday, July 27, 2014


We boarded our boat and settled in.  Our first day was a day at sea.  K got to know the other teens on the cruise and spent a lot of time with them playing chess and watching movies. I worked out and read.

The cruise was all the beauty of the fjords.  The towns where we stopped were very, very small.  There were a few souvenir shops selling trolls and Norwegian sweaters.  I should have bought a sweater-it was so cold!  

We took a train into the mountains on our first stop in Flam.

 We had tea every afternoon on the boat.  Beautiful views!

4AM!  It never got dark.

Bergen.  The second largest city in Norway with 400,000 people.  We did the hop on, hop off tour and really enjoyed the city.  It was so cold, we walked around looking for a place to eat and ended up in Starbucks and had hot chocolate.  K enjoyed the wifi.  

Signs at Starbucks.  K was mortified that I just had to take a picture.

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