Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Southern Sweden

After our cruise we were picked up in Copenhagen by our fun antiques guide Daniel.  He whisked us across the bridge to Southern Sweden.  In 2000 the 10 mile Oresund Bridge was completed that connects Denmark to Sweden.  I am a geographically challenged American and did not know about the bridge until I crossed it for the first time 8 years ago.  There is an artificial island that was built as part of the bridge project and it has it own unique ecosystem.  

After shopping in Malmo we stopped in this little seaside town for lunch.   It was hardly a town, just a group of summer fishing shacks.  The restaurant when we ate sends their boat out in the morning and whatever they catch is on the menu.  We had a great meal-so fresh!  

Love these three!

K and Daniel enjoying the wifi.

Loved this little girl giving her dog a bath.

Then we headed to Helsinbourg where we spent the night.  We stopped at this castle and got to preview an auction that is taking place next month.  This property has always been in the same family and now everything including the property is being sold.  

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