Sunday, June 5, 2016

Around Here

Spring was a blur.  K studied like crazy, often I would wake up at 2 AM and go into her bedroom and tell her to quit studying.  All the hard work paid off.  She made honor roll and met a couple of other criteria and was exempt from spring finals!

Harrison came to Atlanta for 2 weeks to interview with the big 4 accounting firms for an internship for next summer.  We loved having him here.

We've had numerous other foster kittens and Emma came back to visit while her mom was out of town.

K is babysitting and pet sitting a lot.  She will be working at a camp for underserved children and then attending a 1 week cam at SCAD.  She just had her wisdom teeth out.  

Emma and the foster kittens

Awards Ceremony

Bert helping himself to Harrison's milk

I help K babysit when she takes this little guy to the neighborhood pool.  She is afraid he will hog tie her and end up on the high dive.

Bert making himself at home on K's food tray

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