Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of 2016

November and December flew by!  We had 20 people for Thanksgiving and have had 4 parties since then.  We decided to stay home for Thanksgiving and Christmas with our million dollar cat.  Bert has made a miraculous recovery and we are enjoying every moment with him.

K skated with these fun cute girls!

Fostered this little cutie who was obsessed with our gerbil.

Bert relaxing. 

We thought that because we had so much experience with diabetic cats we would foster this cat.  We have new appreciation for how sweet and tolerant Bert was with his shots and blood sugar curves.  Miller is plotting to kill us.

More skating and overpriced hot chocolate.

Had Christmas dinner with our favorite family who seem like they should be our family!

K is smitten with this little foster puppy!  She is such a gentle, sweet soul.

Happy New Year!!!!

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