Sunday, March 19, 2017

Seventeen and Spring Break!

K's seventeenth birthday was uneventful because it fell during a week when she had several tests and a term paper due.   Seems like all she does these days is study.  She did get her hair done as her birthday present of choice and it turned out so pretty!  

Our spring break was right after her birthday and we went to CA for spring break.  We spent 3 nights in Laguna in a beautiful ocean view room.  It was so cold we enjoyed the beach from our room.  We did see lots of friends and went to a sea lion sanctuary.  Then we headed up to LA.  The weather improved and we were able to get some pool time in and spent a day in Malibu.  Harrison was in town doing some campus mission work at UCLA so we got to hang out with him in the evening.  

Room with a view

A day in Malibu.  Lunch at Nobu.

Dinner with Harrison.  Lots of props!  Good food and a fun evening.

Poolside at the Peninsula.

Got home and picked up this little cutie for foster.  He had been begging me to take him home every time i passed his run,  How could I resist those eyes???  He is the sweetest little guy.

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