Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our Big Summer Adventure

Our big summer adventure had a bit of a rocky start-our flight leaving Atlanta was over 4 hours late and did not leave until 3AM.  The good news about that was we fell asleep and didn't wake up until we were almost landing in London.  We were further delayed because we had to change our tickets to Edinburgh and then that flight was delayed.  We missed the entire first day of our trip!  But we got to Edinburgh and had a great dinner and went to bed.  We woke up feeling great the next day.  Our friends C and E had already been there for a couple of days.  K went with them to some museums and I went on a walking photography tour.

What a beautiful city!  Friendly people and great food.

Photo of an apartment complex taken on my photography tour

The afternoon of our first day I drug K on a Hop On Hop Off tour.  We were pretty tired but had booked a Cadies and Witchery tour.   We tried to talk C into going with us but she was tired.  We soldiered on and were so glad we did.  K said it was the most fun tour she had ever been on.  The two guys who led the tour were so funny and clever.  One kept showing up in different costumes-usually jumping out and scaring the group.  We laughed so hard our faces were sore the next day.

Dinner at Wagamama-K's favorite!  Oops, this was taken at Harvey Nichols.  Men in Missoni kilts at the Missoni Hotel where we stopped for a drink.

The second day it was very rainy and foggy.  We hit some museums in the morning and then went to Harvey Nichols for some shopping and lunch.  I am kicking myself for not ordering the haggis and not taking any pictures.  The restaurant was on the fourth floor and the view was beautiful even in the rain.

After lunch we boarded our boat in preparation to sail across the North Sea.

I drove-obviously not, since that is probably not even the right word.

K and C on the back on the boat as we were leaving

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