Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Skagen Denmark

Our next stop was Skagen, Denmark.  A busy little vacation town with charming older neighborhoods with distinctive yellow houses, great museums and many art galleries.  Harbor side restaurants were serving fish right off the boats.

Once back on the boat we figured out how to really relax in the evenings.  While everyone was in the dining room or their cabins we had the back of the boat to ourselves.  We ordered room service and ate on the back of the boat-it was like having our own boat.  And much more relaxing than eating in the restaurant in spite of the fact that the restaurant was not very dressy.  I also liked that we could order cobb salad or fruit and cheese plates and the girls ordered burgers, steaks and one night K had her new favorite lobster.
Look-nobody else around!  It is quite late in the evening but still very light out.  That is my wine, not K's.
Watching the sunset on our "private boat."

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