Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kristiansand, Norway

Our first full day on the boat was spent crossing the North Sea.  I had envisioned the boat pitching and rocking, queasiness, fear and misery.  Although we had fog and light rain it was amazingly calm.  Serene, even!  It was nice having a day to relax after our three previous hectic days.  The girls played chess, I worked out, we read and got to know our way around the boat.

We woke up to the darling little town of Kristiansand, Norway.  It reminded of a coastal New England town.   Beautiful flowers, sparkling blue water and beautiful blue skies.

The girls petted every dog in Scandinavia.

I loved the black tiles roofs that we saw frequently
People pulled up in their boats for lunch or ice cream
Loved the fish market
Beautiful wooden boat
K and our boat
Leaving Kristiansand
I loved how boats followed us as we left port

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linda said...

love these pictures-what a charming and colorful country....