Monday, July 13, 2015

Rainy Days

After a wonderful time of lounging around in Lake Garda we headed to Lake Come.  We had the first rainy,  cool weather of the trip.  We (I) decided to take a little drive to Lake Orta.  WE planned to take a boat ride in Stressa but the weather was not co-operating.  We had a lunch reservation at Villa Crespi in Orta San Guilio.  K is such a good sport-she is an adventurous eater and rarely tries anything that she doesn't like.  She doesn't like main courses that are sweet.  I am not crazy about that type of food either.  I say there is always something on every menu that you can eat.  

I wish I could have bought everything in this place.

Love a little purse stool.

Bread choices.  

Cuttlefish appetizer.  Interesting texture.  Don't know that I would order it again.

My main course.  Fish-don't remember what type.

K's "banana split."

My chocolate desert.

Extra deserts.  Wonder if anybody eats these???

More of those cool light balls.

Villa Crespi.

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