Saturday, July 18, 2015


Our final stop was Zurich.  We took the train from Como and spent the night and flew home the next day.  I had planned what I hoped would be a fun activity-Fox Trails.  You follow the trail of a fox from clue to clue.  It might have been doable if we were at all familiar with Zurich.  At one point we had to take a tram-we were not at all familiar with the tram system.  We ended up going to wrong way and wasted a lot of time.  The next few clues were doable but then we had to find a street that we could not find.  The was a tip line we could call and the woman's response was "Everyone knows that street."  Thanks!  Swiss people!  It was getting late so we decided to give up and have dinner.  K had spotted a Wagamama earlier in the day.  On our way back from dinner, K discovered the street we had been looking for!  We completed a few more clues.  One involved finding a bottle of whiskey in the window of a bar.  The next clue was in a courtyard-the maitre d in a restaurant pointed us in the right direction.   He was probably tired of people roaming through the restaurant looking for the clue.  The next clue involved another tram ride and at that point we quit.  It would be fun to do again!  We decided that we would have to start earlier in the day, have a city map with us and a fully charged cell phone.  Poor K was biting her nails at one point and I realized that there is nothing more that I hate than being lost and looking for things.  What was I thinking????

Don't know what this ad was for?  The train ride from Como To Zurich was beautiful-I think K stopped playing Candy Crush and looked out the window once.

K's shirt is of an Andy Warhol painting that she bought at the Guggenheim museum in Venice.

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