Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Our final stop was Venice.  Always break taking, always amazing!  Highlights of this visit were a trip to the Peggy Guggenheim museum, an evening at Musica Palazzo and lunch at the Cipriani with cousins Heidi and Ted.  We also spent a lot of time at our local pharmacist-blisters, allergies and seemed like we had a different need at least twice a day.  And did I mention the pharmacist was really cute but that had nothing to do with it.

The Musica Palazzo was really enjoyable.  K had never been to an opera and this was a perfect starter opera.  It was held in a beautiful palazzo and each act was in a different room so you changed rooms with each act.  There was an intermission that included champagne and the whole thing only lasted two hours.  We saw Barber of Seville.  The singers were really talented, funny and engaged the audience.   I highly recommend this if you are in Venice.

On our final day Heidi and Ted arrived in Venice and we all had lunch at the Cipriani.  It was so tranquil and beautiful and the food was fabulous.  You know you are in trouble when the bill comes in a gold box!

Lunch at Psis at our hotel

Pigeon whacker device provided by the hotel at breakfast.  They also provided squirt guns-see them in the background.

Guy in the background was getting really carried away with his squirt gun

Rooftop deck at the Bauer Il Palazzo where we stayed.  Most amazing place for breakfast!

Courtyard at the Peggy Guggenheim museum.  It was sooo hot!

On the way to the Cipriani for lunch.

K went vegetarian on this trip.  Vegetable risotto.

I had fish.

Chocolate souffle with pistachio ice cream

Gold box that the check arrived in

Gardens at the Cipriani.  It was so nice to be out of the heat and crowds of Venice.  The number of selfie sticks was astronomical!

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