Friday, February 20, 2009

Cold Weather Girls

I grew up in Aspen and K often asks me why we only go there in the summer. I hate cold weather. K is my little clone except when it comes to the cold weather issue-she loves it. I have noticed that it has frequently been -22 degrees in Kazakhstan this winter. So for President's Day weekend we took a trip to Chicago. We visited our friends Beverly and Peter and got to have dinner with Mackie and Alison (Beverly's son and daughter in law) and their adorable baby Lila. Then we took the train to our cousin Kathy's house. K was so cute on the train, she gazed out the window the entire trip and was so excited about the fresh blanket of snow. Our time at Kathy's was a winter wonderland. K was outside playing in the snow by 7AM every morning. We went sledding and went to John's hockey tournament. It was more than enough cold weather for me. K can't wait to go back and wants to know when we are going to Aspen.

K and Bev's cat, Sophie

Alison and cute Lila

Mackie and Lila

Bev and K walking to breakfast in the snow

John and K sledding

Bobby came home from college for the weekend

Bobby's girlfriend Sam-so sweet

Kathy had this bloody Mary that was garnished with shrimp, a brussell sprout and a sausage among other things!

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Jennifer said...

I love the pictures in the snow-especially the one with the dog! I'm with you-I hate cold weather! I guess it's just in K's blood {-22 I would die!}