Sunday, February 22, 2009


Doodle Marie Mayhem (aka Doodle the Clown) was the entertainment for K's birthday party. It is great because Doodle talks non-stop for 90 minutes and has the kids totally mesmerized. She arrived in her new Doodle mobile.

The girls were a little tenative in the beginning

Franny jumped right in and got her face painted

Lila before
Lila after

This cute little face did not need painting


Sweet Reeves gave it a try but wanted to wash her face as soon as Doodle was finished

K taking it all in



A NASTY smelling ferret

Magic trick

K as a tv star

A diaper on her head-not sure what that was all about

Getting ready to blow out candles

Happy birthday K!!!!!!!

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Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!!! So cute! I remember Doodle from another post. Looks like ya'll had a great party!