Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Have Been a Bit Distracted Lately

Business has been crazy. I hate it when work gets in the way of enjoying my life. This morning I got up (18 degrees out) and turned on my computer and read this article in The Aspen Times. Sotheby's Aspen office is closing. Well, not exactly. They were going to be evicted next Friday. I love how the paper doesn't mention this detail. It also reports that the president claims that he was trying to downsize the company starting early last year. Oh really? Is that why he exercised options on 5 leases last April? This guy owes me money in the six figures and has left all of his brokers hanging. Nice that he has secured a job for himself. Lawsuits to follow. I own the building that Sotheby's is "moving out of." I pulled into carpool line there was a medium sized moving truck pulling into carpool line. I asked K how she would like to get out of a moving truck and she said that it would be very embarrassing. Then said that she is even embarrassed when she has to get out of Winston's truck. First of all, Winston has only taken her to school once this year when I was so sick I could barely move.. Second, he usually drives an SUV. Sometimes, if he is making a delivery he drives a truck. but it is brand new and he goes nuts if it gets the least bit dirty. I don't quite understand the point of owning a truck if it can't get dirty but that is Winston. As I was getting ready to pull out of the school parking lot, K said "Mommy!". Geez-I had forgotten to let her out. I had to make another lap and cut back into carpool line to let her out. Like I said I have been a bit distracted lately!

This picture left over from Christmas has nothing to do with this post-well maybe it is a bear market? I just love this bear in this tree. And I love K's coat. She wears it every day. Out to play, where ever. It is really nasty. I need to sneak it away from her and get it dry cleaned.

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a. said...

Ugh, sorry to hear about your distraction. I hate that sort of thing.

Also, just saw this: