Friday, February 27, 2009

In the Blink of an Eye

In the blink of an eye the little four year old who traveled half way around the world to spend the summer in Atlanta has turned nine. That summer that I hosted K seems so long ago but also seems like just yesterday.

K has worked so hard and learned so much. She is kind, thoughtful and generous. She has nice manners and always thinks of others. When she gets something new her first thought is always that she wants to share it with Ellie and Annie. She loves animals, Barbies and everything fairies. K and Ellie are self proclaimed tomboys but I think they just like the way it sounds. Though not really girlie girls they are terrified of bugs, werewolves and cobwebs. She loves arts and crafts and would much rather be inside in the summer when it is so hot. No more camps that involve riflery, archery and canoeing for her (what can I say we live in the south!)
K loves God and Jesus-always sayz God and Jesus, not just God or Jesus. She has given up apples (her favorite food) for lent this year.

Nine is a wonderful age. K is so independent. She gets up easily in the morning, makes her bed and is easy to get off to school. One Saturday morning I came down and she was making herself a waffle-it really hit me that she is growing up so quickly. She does her homework as soon as she gets home from school. What an easy child. She is a great traveller except that she wishes that we had our own plane (me too!)

She loves her pets and wants more. She loves Uncle Mark and calls him almost every day. Their conversations are so funny-she calls him Uncie Markie. Sometimes I hear her talking and think someone is here but she is on the phone with Uncle Mark. Thank goodnes I have the world's most patient brother.

I need to live in the moment and enjoy these times. In the blink of an eye she will be fourteen.


Jennifer said...

Wow, how she's grown. I love seeing that younger picture of her.

When you get your own plane let us know-it would make for easier traveling :)

kate said...

She's beautiful!

How did I not have your blog?? Thanks for sharing it.