Monday, September 5, 2016


Our next stop was Grindlewald.  This is a great place to stay in order to take the train to the Jungfrau Joch (the highest point in Europe).   The train ride to the top is only 2 hours from Grindlewald.

We stopped for lunch in Interlaken on the way from Monreux.  This river really is this color!  All of the lakes and rivers that we saw were this amazing shade of green.

The view from our hotel in Grindlewald.

Train ride on the way to the Jungfrau Joch.  The green was so lush and as your looked out you could see lots of ski area.  I really wish that we would have hiked part of the way down.

We had lunch at the top and I had this special beer hell.  Not bad!

There was a lot of snow at the top and it was really cold.  This was a tough trip to pack for but I was so glad we had our puffer coats.  

This an ice cave at the top also.  The floors are ice, I thought for sure I was going to fall and break something.  

Polar bears and penguins.

One night when we set out for dinner we noticed a festival going on.  It was all locals-no tourists, except us.  We ended up spending the evening, listening to music and eating and drinking.  It was a beautiful, fun, very unexpected evening.  

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