Friday, September 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Bert!

Bert turned 14!!!!  He had a rough summer.  We have been unable to control his diabetes and his blood sugar has been high all summer even though his insulin has been increased.  He spent 3 weeks in the ICU at UGA while we were gone.  He had radiation to his pituitary gland because the doctor thought that a tumor on his pituitary glad had caused Bert to have acromegaly and that was why his blood sugar was so high.  I'm discouraged because the radiation did not seem to help and we are still struggling to get his blood sugar down.  He continues to be a great cat and has a great attitude.  He throughly enjoyed his birthday party!!!  Emma, Sophie and Abby came to help celebrate!

Edit:  Three years later Bert is almost 17 and his blood sugar is completely normal! It took a couple of months for it to return to normal but the radiation worked and he is a happy, healthy guy!

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