Saturday, September 3, 2016


Our second stop was Montreux.  We had a room with an incredible view of the lake.  The main reason we went to Montreux was to take the Chocolate Train that leaves from Montreux and stops in Gruyere and Broc.  The Chocolate Train did not disappoint and K declared that it was one of her favorite things on our trip.

Views of the lake from our room in Montreux.

The charming town of Gruyere.  Our stop here included a tour of a cheese making factory.

We had lunch in Grueyre.  K out ordered me and had delicious pasta arrabiata.  I had never had raclette so decided to give it a try.  They brought out this thing that was kind of like a curling iron but 100 times hotter.  The heat coming off of the thing was about to kill us!  I was then given a bowl of boiled potatoes, onions and pickles to dip in the cheese.  I can say I have tried raceltte.  

The chocolate train was a vintage train that was so cute and the ride was scenic and relaxing.  

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