Friday, September 9, 2016


We continued on to Lucerne.  The nice thing about traveling around Switzerland was that our drives were less than two hours.  It was really hot in Lucerne!   I think it must have been unusually hot because our hotel did not have AC.  We had a couple of adventurous days.  On the first day we did Fox Trails again.  We did it last year in Zurich.  You follow the trail of a fox around the city.  It really is hard if you are not at all familiar with the city.  We met a group of wood carvers from Lichtenstein who were also doing the train so we teamed up with them.  The next day we went to Mt. Pilatus.  We took a boat to a cog wheel train which took us to the top of the mountain.  From the we hiked a wild flower trail that went to the very top of the mountain.  It was really fun.  There were hundreds of different flowers that were labeled.  To get back down we took a cable car.  It stopped half way down and we rode a summer bob sled and then continued onto another cable car.  Finally, we took a bus to get back to our hotel.

The woodcarvers

Boat to the cog wheel train

Cog wheel train

Top of Mt Pilatus wild flower trail

That red speck over there is the cog wheel train.  Amazing Swiss engineering.

Cable car on the way down.

Summer bob sled ride

They attach you to cable and you get pulled back up the mountain at the end of the bob sled ride.  Loved going by the cows and listening to their bells.

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