Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ile de la Cite

Nestled on the tip of Ile de la Cite is a wonderful little square called Place Dauphine when men gather to play boules. The square is surrounded by charming little restaurants. I love the early evening light in these photographs as the girls play while the men play boules.
A few years ago when I was in Paris with my nephews I bought them a boules set and they spent an afternoon playing boules in this little square. I sat and had a glass of wine while they played. They came back several times and ordered cokes because it was so hot. Final tab, $33 (or maybe it was euros), $5 dollars for each coke and $3 for the glass of wine!
And, oh, we had a Jake Gyllenhaal sighting. He was having dinner while we were watching the boules players. Later in the week Catherine and I got a baby sitter and had dinner at one of the restaurants on the square.

Love the guy in the red pants and Olivia's expression!

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