Sunday, July 5, 2009

Luxembourg Gardens

One of Paris's loveliest parks, the Jardin du Luxembourg with over 60 acres was packed with activities for K and Olivia. The playground has an entrance fee but is filled with all sorts of adventerous slides and climbing structures. All much more dangerous (translate-fun in the girl's opinion) than anything you would encounter on a public playground in America. The area is fenced off so once you pay the admission fee the kids are safe-except for the dangerous slides. The parents all sit around the outside of the fence and talk and read. And the best part? They sell beer and wine so if it is late in the afternoon you can get a little mini happy hour going!

Funniest line?
Olivia-Mom, I made a friend.
Catherine-Oh, does she speak any English?
Olivia-Yep, she is from Kansas.

Swings are not popular in Paris. We couldn't find any at the many parks we visited. But Luxembourg Gardens has those old fashioned swing boats. You pay admission for 5 minutes of swinging. The girl who runs the Barbe a Papa and beer and wine concession also runs the swings.

Olivia enjoying the swing boats

The cute little Barbe a Papa stand

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