Sunday, July 26, 2009

In Search of Swings

Our search for swings landed us at the Tuileries again. No swings to be found but a lot of fun, dangerous looking playground equipment! This played perfectly into our pots de vin (bribe) scheme which became more elaborate as the trip progressed. We planned our days so that mid day we would end up on the metro and the Georges Cinq stop. As we ascended the steps we would be right in front of McDonald's. Yes, on this trip I became one of those Americans I swore I would never become! Frequent stops at McDonald's. We perfected out routine. After lunch we would stroll down Avenue Georges Cing. Catherine and I would get a chance to look in the windows of Armani, Louis Vuitton, etc... and we would end up at the Four Seasons for a bathroom break. Much better than McDonald's bathrooms. Catherine and I loved the flowers and the people watching and the girls LOVED the bathrooms. It was hard to drag them out, they couldn't get enough of the great smelling soap and lotion. I am glad that K did not find out that there is an indoor pool and 2 stations of cartoons at the hotel. That made for a whole different system of pots de vin when I stayed at the Four Seasons with my nephews a few years ago. Pre recession-those were the days!

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