Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pots de Vin

Are you wondering if this post is about Catherine and me drinking large vats of wine? I wish! Pot de vin means bribe. Yes, there was a lot of bribing going on during this trip. Were we bribing maitre d's for great tables? Bribing front desk clerks for the perfect room? No! We were bribing the girls to walk. On this particular day we took a nice stroll (death march as Catherine refers to my walks) up Rue du Bac to La Grand Epicerie, the gorgeous food hall that is part of Bon Marche. I promised the girls ice cream at Le Bac a Glaces. I assured Olivia that she would recognize the ice cream store by the giant ice cream cone out in front. She was a little skeptical with every block that we traveled. But finally, in the distance the girls spotted the giant ice cream cone. After we got our ice cream we went to the darling park down the street. After a little play, it was back to our little walk.
Usually I can get K to smile because she is afraid of a picture like this appearing on her blog!

Love the look on K's face!

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