Thursday, July 17, 2008

Camp today?

No way! Could you send a child to camp who is having this much fun? K has been in tennis camp this week-sort of. Monday when I picked her up from camp she said that she didn't feel well. I told her she would be fine and drove to the bank. While we were in the drive thru line, K projectile vomited all over the car. Three times. And there we were in the drive thru line with cars in front of us and in back of us. Poor baby! K didn't go to camp on Tuesday. Wednesday she had language therapy and horseback so she didn't go to tennis camp. And I let her stay home today because she and Ellie and Annie were just having too much fun!
Winston had the car detailed but I am thinking that I need a new car. I need new tires and a major service so it must be time for a new car.

She has the frog on her head again. What is up with that???

And now they are all cozy in the library watching a movie. Another marathon sleepover-unless Annie's mom has to come and get her around 11:30PM.

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