Monday, July 7, 2008

Kitt Kittredge-An American Girl

Yesterday we had a girls day out with our friends Catherine and Olivia and Sheila and Helen. I can't believe that Olivia is six years old-I was her first visitor six years ago when she was born. We went to see Kitt Kittredge-An American Girl. The movie was sweetly enjoyable with real substance. I loved the wonderful period costumes, settings and music. After the movie, we went out for an early dinner. Catherine and I are cooking up a plan to spend the summer in Paris next summer-I checked out camps for the girls when I was recently in Paris. More on that later. K and Olivia took their Kit dolls to the movie (Catherine and I ended up carrying the dolls the whole time-nice look for the two of us.) Olivia and K are "bestest friends." And a special thank you to Beverly-one of my "bestest friends" who gave K her Kit doll.


Unknown said...

I'm getting quite excited about next summer in Paris! Love the blog entry but visitors must keep in mind that the photos do not accurately portray the mayhem at dinner. Just as well- I'd prefer to remember the sanitized version!


Jennifer said...

Sounds fun. Can I come? I want to watch that movie too.