Thursday, July 31, 2008

A night at the rodeo

Last night we went to the rodeo with Kimmie, my bestest, bestest, bestest friend from high school. It was a beautiful evening, cool and not a cloud in the sky. A rodeo in Aspen is not like a rodeo in other parts of the country-picture LA/NY cowboy chic. Next time we go I will have to stop by Kemosabe to pick up just the right cowboy clothing. We had yummy barbecue when we got to the rodeo. They had all kinds of fun kids activities-sheep riding for the little kids, calf chasing and mechanical bull riding. And the best part? The actual rodeo only lasted about 30 minutes. After the barrel racing and bull riding they had a country western band and marshmallow roast. Kimmie always has the best time when we come to Aspen because she gets to do all of touristy stuff. Thanks for always being such a good sport and such a wonderful friend for so many years! (I'm not saying how many!)

K getting some last minute advice on the mechanical bull from Kimmie

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