Wednesday, July 16, 2008

They're baaaack.....

This afternoon when we pulled into to the driveway we noticed the most exciting thing happening next door. Fredrick was in the front yard having a toy sale. I liked his sign that said "Tons of toys for sale....and Gatorade." His mom told me that she made him add the Gatorade part because the toy part looked so pathetic. But I liked the fact that he was trying to sell some old SpongeBob toy that used to belong to K for $9.99. I think it originally cost $4.99. K bought Fredrick's karate belt for $5-she only had $1 so she still owes his $4, I am sure he will not let her forget. Fredrick was so excited-he had a big cup full of money. He told me that people kept driving by and just giving him money. You gotta love life in Buckhead!

Our neighbors have been gone all summer and K has been so sad. She is so excited that they are home! Most recently from a trip to Turks and Caicos, hence Ellie and Annies cool hair dos.

K is at a sleepover next door tonight with her bestest, bestest, bestest, bestest (you get the picture!) friends!

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