Monday, July 14, 2008

K's Sartorial Splendor

When I first mentioned that I wanted to start sewing for K, a couple of my friends heads spun around like something out of the Exorcist. Now that she is eight, I just can't find clothes that I like. K is a great sport and usually wears whatever I put out. She lives in Petite Bateau t-shirts which I bring home from Paris in bulk. Gone are the days of bishop dresses and she is gradually no longer wearing her bow. I shop in the usual places, Gap, Target, Old Navy, Mini Boden and Papo D'Anjo but have a hard time finding girlie clothes. So....on my last trip, I found a pattern that I liked in Paris and Liberty fabric in London and made this cute shirt. I have fabric to make two more. Guess I will have to go to London and Paris again for my next project-this could get expensive!

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